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Generated after months of volunteer voter canvassing to verify state public election records, The USEIP Colorado Canvassing Report exposes massive irregularities, anomalies, and numerous law violations. Matt Crane the Executive Director of the Colorado County Clerks Association attempted to debunk the substance of the forensic reports, which found vulnerabilities and illegality in Mesa County electronic voting systems, through backchannel communications with elected officials.  In Crane’s misinformation campaign – he admits voting system vulnerabilities and election crimes, implicating SecState Jena Griswold, and potentially other election officials.


[Denver, Colorado, March 23, 2022] – The third official forensic Mesa Report analyzing Mesa County electronic voting systems was made public this week.  The report prepared by cyber experts with multiple advanced degrees and decades of combined high-level experience in the fields of cyber security, computer science and database expertise exposed undeniable evidence of vote manipulation among other serious election crimes.  In a show of blatant incompetence or worse, the Executive Director of the Colorado County Clerk’s Association, Matt Crane admitted to election crimes by CO’s Secretary of State.  Crane outted the fact that CO SecState Griswold approved untested, uncertified software which was illegally installed on electronic voting equipment in Colorado.  This is a confirmation of findings in the Mesa 3 Forensic Report.


In response to the Mesa forensics Reports, and the actions of county officials which made the reports possible, Secretary of State Jena Griswold proposed SB-11-153 to the Colorado Senate and positioned it as an emergency “election security bill.”  In reality it was the exact opposite.  The bill is an attempt to strip all power from local elected officials and citizens to run, manage, oversee, and audit elections according to Colorado citizens’ rights under their Constitution.  Interestingly numerous sections in Griswold’s bill are a direct admission that the measures Mesa County Clerk Peters took to preserve election records according to her sworn oath were and are, in fact – legal.  Only if Griswold’s bill passes the CO legislature would Peters actions become illegal. 


Matt Crane, the Executive Director of the Colorado County Clerk’s Association (CCCA) is not a government official, yet he operates in the gray area of wielding extreme influence over elected officials while remaining outside public oversight and accountability.  In dealing with County clerks and other election officials including SecState Jena Griswold – and members of her office, Crane has countless personal conflicts of interest.  These conflicts range from his wife being a decades-long employee of Dominion Voting Systems and its predecessor, to financial interests, given he’s a director of Global Mobile a text-to-vote company, to being employed at The Lafayette Group, a D.C. based government contractor that officially states they work in security including critical infrastructure – yet the bulk of their employees are non-technical political science, policy specialists. 


As the CCCA Executive Director, Crane has been the key to keeping all Colorado County Clerks misinformed about the vulnerabilities and proven election law violations committed at the direction of SecState Griswold and her electronic voting system vendor who’s lobbyist’s attorneys contribute to her re-election campaign.  Crane has used his position to persuade Colorado clerks to support Griswold’s bill which strips clerks of critical authorities for running and overseeing local elections.  Now that Griswold’s SB 22-153 is being rammed through the CO legislature, Crane has also taken on manipulating Colorado legislators to support the bill.  He has even employed a CO based lobbying group, 5280 Strategies to bolster his efforts with clerks and legislators.  In other words, Crane is at the center of making County clerks’ jobs irrelevant and unneccessary if Griswold’s bill passes – to their, and Colorado citizens detriment.  The question is, how will and how has Crane personally and professionally profited from these actions?


In an email sent to a list of Colorado legislators yesterday from Crane, he attempted to defend his personal history of misinformation and falsehoods about Colorado elections in hopes of persuading Colorado legislators to vote YES on Griswold’s bill (SB-22-153).   Colorado citizens were immediately notified of his nefarious backchannel communications.  Crane’s email exposed a number of  key missteps which have now opened the door to widespread investigations – including criminal.  A sample:


1.     Crane has now acknowledged the substance of the three Mesa Forensics reports, thus validating the reports which he aggressively tried to suppress.   


2.     Publicly admitted to multiple election crimes.  Illegal, unauthorized software was permitted, encouraged, and installed into electronic voting equipment by Colorado election officials, including the Secretary of State.   The illegal software included LibreOffice and Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio. Details of the admission are found in the Crane email.


Once the public became aware of Crane’s email to Colorado legislators, a point-by-point rebuttal, dismantling every single one of Crane’s misstatements, falsehoods, and misrepresentations was sent to legislators to set the record straight.  The rebuttal is a good-faith attempt to warn and protect legislators from voting in support of a bill that could have legal ramifications for them and their public duties. 


In a blend of invitation and challenge, Colorado legislators were presented with having a debate, under oath, on both Colorado legislative floors to present the facts from citizen and professional experts and give Crane the opportunity to present his case under oath.  Whether the legislators agree to the debate is yet to be seen.  However, now that Colorado legislators, CO District Attorneys, CO Attorney General Weiser, Sheriffs, SecState Griswold, County Clerks, County Commissioners, and Governor Polis have been alerted of election crimes, it’s inevitable that independent investigations of criminal election crimes will be initiated in accordance with Colorado’s Constitution and statutes.


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