Hand Counting Simplified


Welcome to Hand Counting, Simplified

Here is a list of resources to help you learn more about hand counting ballots, and how you can implement/advocate for hand counting in your state. 

Calculate Hand Counting Needs and Expenses

This handy spreadsheet tool created by Linda Rantz will help you to calculate your state or county's specific needs. Find out how many people you need, how many teams, estimated costs, approximate time required, cost per ballot, and much more! This versatile tool allows for quite a lot of customization depending on your local needs, budget, time available for counting, etc. Instructions and samples/examples are included right inside the spreadsheet.  Click here to download the tool now. 

Step by Step in Missouri.

Missouri election laws revealed that not only was hand counting ballots allowed in MO, but there was already a process in place. 

Click here for Linda Rantz's "Return to Hand Counting Express Training" for hand count training in 60 minutes.

Click here to access materials (link opens in new window) created by Linda Rantz and Cause of America Missouri grassroots, including: 

  • Missouri Hand Counting eManual
  • eManual Supplement including important updates
  • Full webinar on Missouri Hand Counting featuring Mike Lindell, Col. Shawn Smith, Dr. Doug Frank, and Erin and David Clements

Click here to access Linda Rantz's slides from the 2024 Turning Point USA event including common objections to handcounting and how to overcome those. 

Click here to request hand count training or support. 

Hand Counting Demonstration.

Print out the tally sheet PDF from http://tinyurl.com/tallysheet and follow along with this brief and fun demonstration video that shows you exactly how to hand count ballots using the dab & tally sheet method. (Click either "Always for Rumble.com" or "Only this media" to view the demonstration)


Click here to request hand count training or support. 

Hand Counting in Maricopa County.

Here is a link to a document called Hand Counting Successes: A white paper drafted from our experience implementing hand counting at the Maricopa County RNC annual meeting. 

Hand Counting in Texas.

Check out Tally Texas, training Texans on how to conduct elections by the people in their neighborhood voting precinct. 

Hand Counting in California. Yes, California.

The following resources are borne of Shasta County's 2023 endeavors to reject Dominion voting machines and return to hand counting. 

Here is a link to a Primer to Switching to Paper Balloting and Manual Counting in Your County created by Alexander Haberbush, Esq. and LexRex Institute 

Here is a link to a manual detailing the process and procedures for hand counting, in compliance with California election statutes. 

Here is a link to the Cover Letter that accompanied the submission of the above proposed California hand counting manual. 

Click here to request hand count training or support. 

If you know of a great hand counting resource we've missed, email it to us and we'll review it for addition to this list.