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7/16/2024 Sheriff Mike Bonham - Constitutional Sheriff and Pastor

7/9/2024 Peter Bernegger - Holding Public Officials Accountable 

6/25/2024 Sara Vieira and Chris Arsenault from Rhode Island 

6/18/2024 CoA Librarian Amy - Best Research Tactics 

6/4/2024 Dr. Frank - Seven Steps to Restore Elections

5/28/2024 America's Mom Sherronna Bishop speaks about Election Integrity.

5/21/2024 Erica and David from Washington State speak about the impact of Logically AI. 

5/14/2024 Learn about Election Integrity with Project Civica.  

5/7/2024 Attorney Dana Wefer discusses Election Integrity Lawsuits.

4/30/2024 Toni Schuppe of Pennsylvania discusses Saving the Republic: Past, Present, and Future.

4/23/2024 Mr. Rossi and Kevin Moncla discuss pending State Election Board (SEB) Complaints.

4/16/2024 Dr. Pressley and Lori Gallagher speak about Ballot Secrecy and Hand Count Success in Texas. 

4/9/2024 Jessica Pollema discusses South Dakota's Canvassing Strategy and Legislature related to Election Integrity.

4/2/2024 Cause of America's Ash and Twitter's Phenomenology lead a discussion on the Fingerprints of Fraud movie. 

3/26/2024 Cyndia Haggard explains her state's successful strategy for Vetting Candidates for Office.

3/19/2024 CoA's Linda Rantz delivers the Express Hand Count Training.  

3/12/2024 Clay Parikh speaks about Voting Machines, Cybersecurity, and Tech Topics. 

3/5/2024 Raj Doraisamy shares Florida's successful strategy in Organizing Grassroots Statewide. 

2/27/2024 Toni Schuppe shares Pennsylvania's successful strategy in Organizing Grassroots Efforts.

2/20/2024 Lone Raccoon Jeff O'Donnell speaks about CVRs, Data, and Tech Issues.

2/13/2024 Col. Shawn Smith discusses election Machine Vulnerabilities.  

2/6/2024 Phil Izon from Alaska speaks about Ranked Choice Voting.

1/30/2024 Dr. Walter Daugherity speaks about CVRs (Cast Vote Records) and algorithms. 

1/23/2024 Amy from Cause of America shared information that can be found in the CoA Online Library.

1/16/2024 Renee Relf discusses FrankSocial. 

1/9/2024 Mike Lindell and Col. Shawn Smith share some good news and discuss next steps in election integrity.

12/19/2023 Linda Rantz speaks about Hand Counting.

12/12/2023 Patrick Colbeck speaks about Election Integrity.