How to Get involved

Virginia First Audit Virginia First Audit is a non-partisan We The People movement of Virginian’s, whose mission is to reclaim and restore full citizen rights in the entire election process and ensure that every lawful vote in Virginia elections is duly counted and recorded accurately according to the intent of the voter.
• We are action oriented.
• We are unafraid to speak out and stand for the truth regardless of politics.
• We seek out and discern the truth regarding our elections through citizen-led actions to uncover the evidence.
• We hold our elected officials and unelected bureaucrats accountable to the US & VA Constitutions and to VA election law (SS24.2).
• Audit 2020 election and every election after that
Lawful Elections are the basis for our Republic• Virginia voters are far more conservative than the media and political class promotes
• There is more unity and consensus among voters than believed
• The average citizen is far more powerful than told
• Early voting and Central Absentee Precinct is a key source of illegal voting
• Election integrity and security is a bi-partisan issue with broad support
The Problem in Virginia Likely manipulation of elections from 2008 in VA, possibly earlier
• Voting machines instead of paper ballots and hand counting
• The “BLUE NOVA” false narrative
• Excess voters/poor voter roll hygiene creates a “credit line” for vote manipulation
• Mail in voting
• Extended early voting and no excuse absentee voting
• Ballot harvesting is legal in Virginia
• Multiple forms of ID accepted to vote
• Drop boxes
• Registrars and election officials that are not educated in the technical aspects of the voting system they manage and oversee
Virginia First Audit Volunteer Opportunities• Data analysts – by profession or good critical thinking skills
• Data entry
• Developers/IT
• Graphic designers, media producers
• Communications experience
• Canvass Coordinators, canvass volunteers
• FOIA researchers
• Paralegal and legal