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Young registered Democrats are far less tolerant of those with whom they disagree politically than their independent and Republican counterparts, a newly published survey reveals.

Supporting the “inclusive” Democrat Party have so much disdain for those on the other side of the political spectrum that a wide majority of them refuse to go on dates with or be friends with Republican voters nor do they want to work for or shop Republican-owned businesses, according to a poll published by Generation Lab/Axios on Wednesday.

Researchers gathered responses from a representative sample of 850 college students nationwide. While 5 percent of Republicans said they wouldn’t be friends with someone from the opposite party, a whopping 37 percent of Democrats said they would never befriend a Trump supporter.

Democrats are even less tolerant when it comes to accomodating different viewpoints when it comes to romance. Seventy-one percent of Democrats said they would refuse to go on a date with someone with opposing political views, compared to 31 percent of Republicans.

Thirty percent of Democrats said they would never even work for someone who voted differently from them, versus 7 percent of Republicans.

Women are less tolerant to those they disagree with politically than men, the poll reveals. Just 41 percent of women said they would go on a date with someone who voted for the opposing candidate, compared to 67 percent of men; 76 percent of women would work for someone who voted for the opposing presidential candidate compared to 86 percent of men.

Eighty-four percent of men have no problem shopping or supporting the business of someone who voted for the other party, compared to just 68 percent of women.

Leftists on Twitter are standing by their anti-Republican bigotry.




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