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Posted: Dec 06, 2021 12:01 AM

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There is no better time for the GOP to craft a new Contract with America todrive the campaigns for both the 2022 midterms and 2024 Presidentialelection year. That’s right, it should focus their campaign strategy for thenext three years. Why? Even if there is an overwhelming GOP landslide nextNovember, the chances of having a big enough swing to be able overcome aBiden veto is unlikely. No matter what Republican candidates promise; itwill be hard to meet expectations until we have a president in office whowill support their agenda.Even with that limitation, it is vital to proceed and clarify what we standfor. It isn’t just the candidates conservatives need to elect; it’s beingmindful about what they promise to do once elected. In our polarized Americawith deep political division, this election should provide a real choice.It’s time to bring clarity to what voting Republican would mean. Here arefive issues that Biden’s inept leadership has brought to the forefront. Runon these issues, and the Democrats will face major defeats in both houses ofCongress:Secure Border: Americans have watched hundreds of thousands of illegalimmigrants overwhelm our Southern border with few if any controls. Withmaterials in place, gaps in the wall have not been completed. Millions inbuilding materials are left to rust and r …

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